The DoEpic’s “Uber for Creativity” Developed by SnatchDigital

The DoEpic’s “Uber for Creativity” developed by SnatchDigital, is unveiled at Gitex 2023.

Do Epic Sh*t, an innovative ad agency, has recently unveiled their groundbreaking solution to revolutionize the traditional advertising industry. Developed by SnatchDigital, the Epic talent platform is a state-of-the-art online marketplace For marketing and creativity. This exclusive platform aims to connect talented individuals from the creative industry with projects seamlessly.

The objective of this innovative solution is to create a strong community of top-tier creatives and provide them with efficient project assignments while fostering collaboration. Snatch Digital collaborated closely with Do Epic to design and develop the Epic Talent Marketplace.

To ensure smooth operations and seamless user experiences, the solution leverages a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS. It also integrates with third-party vendors' APIs and incorporates advanced ML/AI functionalities. Additionally, a robust data repository for profiles was created, allowing for easy access and search capabilities.

Since its launch, the Do Epic's marketplace has experienced impressive results. It successfully attracted top-tier creatives from the ad and marketing services space, creating a diverse and highly skilled community of professionals. The number of talent profiles uploaded has exceeded expectations.

Furthermore, the platform's advanced search capabilities and ML/AI features have streamlined the project assignment process. The average time to match talent with projects has been reduced. This has not only resulted in faster project initiation but has also significantly improved client satisfaction.

The talent community formed within the marketplace has also enhanced collaboration and learning among like-minded individuals. Participation in forums and virtual events has increased ,indicating a vibrant and engaged community.

Client satisfaction has also seen a significant improvement. The curated pool of top-quality creatives provided by the Do Epic Black Book Marketplace has resulted in a higher level of satisfaction with the talent selection process. This, in turn, has led to an improved client retention rate.

Operational efficiency has also been greatly enhanced by the marketplace's service-oriented design and seamless admin controls. The time spent on talent management and project coordination has decreased. This reduction in administrative overhead has allowed the Do Epic core team to focus more on strategic initiatives.

The marketplace's success has also translated into quantifiable growth. Within the first six months of its launch, the revenue has increased .This growth is attributed to a higher volume of successful project collaborations and an increased client acquisition rate.

Epic Talent Platform developed by SnatchDigital has truly revolutionized the creative industry. By providing a platform that connects talented individuals with projects efficiently, Do Epic has successfully disrupted and improved the traditional advertising industry.

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