• Do Epic Sh*t is a creative boutique agency in every sense of the word.
  • Do Epic ideate and produce all of their creative content from start to finish. With their pool of global talent they always have the right skill to deliver any brief.

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Do Epic, an innovative ad agency, aimed to revolutionize the traditional advertising industry by creating an exclusive online marketplace portal/operating system. The objective was to establish a marketplace where talented individuals from the creative industry could upload their profiles and seamlessly connect with projects.

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SnatchDigital collaborated with Do Epic to design and develop the Epic Talent Marketplace. Our solution involved leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, integrating with third-party vendors/APIs, creating a robust data repository for profiles, implementing advanced search capabilities, and incorporating ML/AI functionalities.

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No longer defined by bricks and mortar or traditional agency structure.Do Epic is rewrting the narrative of the creative industry.Do Epic is empowering diversity of talent while freeing brands to enjoy flexibility, quality and efficiency at every scale.

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How it all Started?

Do Epic, an innovative ad agency, had a bold vision to transform the traditional advertising industry. They aimed to create an exclusive online marketplace portal/operating system where talented individuals from the creative industry could showcase their profiles and seamlessly connect with projects. The goal was to build a strong community of top-tier creatives, streamline project assignments, and facilitate collaboration.

Our Approach

Snatch Digital joined forces with Do Epic to bring this vision to life. Our approach involved designing and developing the Epic Talent Marketplace, leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS. We integrated with third-party vendors/APIs, built a robust data repository for profiles, implemented advanced search capabilities, and incorporated cutting-edge ML/AI functionalities. The system followed a service-oriented approach to ensure smooth operations and deliver seamless user experiences.

The Result

The end product was a highly refined and efficient platform. We successfully reduced 70% of the bugs, resulting in a well-oiled machine. This led to a significant 50% reduction in release times, providing a noticeable spike in growth velocity. The amount of man-days required for each release decreased from 100 to 15. Moreover, the costs associated with quality engineering of high-risk functions were reduced by an impressive 90%.

The Epic Talent Marketplace achieved the following outcomes:

Increased Talent Engagement:
The marketplace attracted top-tier creatives from the ad/marketing services space.
The number of talent profiles uploaded exceeded expectations, creating a diverse and highly skilled community of professionals.
Streamlined Project Assignment:
Advanced search capabilities and ML/AI features facilitated efficient project assignment.
The average time to match talent with projects decreased by 30%, resulting in faster project initiation and improved client satisfaction.
Enhanced Collaboration and Learning:
The marketplace fostered collaboration, support, and knowledge sharing among like-minded individuals.
Participation in forums and virtual events increased by 40%, indicating a vibrant and engaged community.
Increased Client Satisfaction:
The curated pool of top-quality creatives provided by the Do Epic Black Book Marketplace impressed businesses.Clients expressed higher satisfaction with the talent selection process, leading to a 20% improvement in client retention rate.
Improved Operational Efficiency:
The service-oriented design and seamless admin controls significantly reduced administrative overhead.Time spent on talent management and project coordination decreased by 25%, allowing the Do Epic core team to focus on strategic initiatives.
Quantifiable Growth:
The marketplace's success contributed to a revenue increase of 15% within the first six months of its launch.This growth was attributed to a higher volume of successful project collaborations and increased client acquisition.

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