Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Snatch Digital was born from the idea of helping others. In particular, helping small-to-medium sized businesses that struggled with their digital presence, by offering affordable high-quality digital solutions.

The company initially operated as web design agency and then began offering SEO, graphic design and social media management services. Today, we offer a full suite of digital services, covering digital marketing, branding, design, web and mobile development, as well as photography and video.

Why us 

We are a dynamic and passionate team and it is with enthusiasm that we drive projects for our clients. We offer services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, working hard to be the best at delivering great consumer value and customer service. Naturally curious, we make sure to stay ahead of every trend and new technology, improving ourselves every day.

Our philosophy

We are relationship builders. Our customer satisfaction is a priority and we will work step-by-step with you along the process. We believe that digital is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard. We’ll help you unlock your full digital potential.

Our values


Intimacy is key to how we run our business.

We believe in developing close, transparent

relationships internally and externally.


Digital is all about pushing boundaries.

A strong collective vision throughout

our company makes this possible,

and is something we value greatly.


Results are at the heart of everything

we do and the performance of our clients’

businesses is one of the things we value most.

Sound like a good fit?

Our team:

Adel Mossadegh
Managing Director
Adel Mossadegh
Managing Director
Aaron Romero
Head of Marketing
Andrew Christie
Head of Sales
Marco Wood
Digital Marketing Assistant
Ty Nguyen
Digital Designer