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Tell the story of your business and bring your digital presence to life through our video & photography services.

Advancements in technology and internet speeds have led to a rise in the adoption of video and photography across digital platforms. A result of this is the meteoric rise in popularity of photography and video based apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Periscope to name a few. Visual assets improve engagement, and audiences have come to expect video and photography online, therefore it should be an essential part of any business’s digital strategy.


Our expert visual and design teams will work with you to understand your requirements and objectives to create the best visual assets to accurately convey your message. We can do everything, from scripting and planning video and photo shoots, to filming, editing and implementing them onto websites or marketing collateral. Whether you need a corporate video scripted and shot, a product photographed or some advice on your visual strategy, our highly-experienced team can help.

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Video & Photography Services.

We love bringing stories to life through photography and video. Armed with the latest technology, we provide services that are designed to bring websites and marketing materials to life. Our services for video and photography typically include Scripting, Video Production & Editing and Photography.

Script Writing

Online video is one of the greatest ways to engage with potential customers during the buying journey. However, you only have a handful of frames (or seconds) to connect with the viewer. Our team of copywriters and SEO experts can provide you with excellently written, powerful scripts that captivate your audience and take your digital presence to the next level.

Production & Editing

In video marketing, success starts with high quality video production. Whether it’s a direct response video, a viral video, testimonial, product tutorial or corporate profile, a well produced video is vital to success. Our team has over 12 years’ combined experience making films and videos, so we understand what works. We will work with you to understand your requirements and will then produce a video that presents your business or product in its best light.


Powerful imagery has an instant impact on your audience. It communicates your messages visually, helping you sell your products and services online. We offer a commercial photography service that connects you with customers and brings marketing materials to life. Whether you need photography for your website, social media, a brochure, products or of corporate events, we can provide a range of services to suit your business needs. We also offer image optimisation and customisation.

Why choose Snatch Digital?

One word. Expertise. Our team has over 12 years’ combined experience in the field, shooting for films, documentaries, TV adverts, crowdfunding campaigns and music videos. We also have a strong background in digital photography, specialising in product, food, corporate and social media photography. We’ve worked with businesses, big and small, across all industries, so you’re in safe hands.

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