Qualitative Data Analysis & Research services to identify your opportunities

Data should be the foundation of all online strategic decisions. This is why we provide quality data analysis as a service, where our team will carry out an analysis of your entire marketplace and identify where opportunities for growth lie. In addition, we review your competitors, analyse consumer data and carry out extensive online research to help form the basis of your future digital campaigns, making sure to engage users.

Benchmarking and market opportunities

Before undertaking any digital strategy, you need to know who are your competitors and what would be the best market opportunities for your business. Snatch Digital realise quality data analysis to help you step-by-step building a strong and sustainable digital strategy.

Insight research

To come up with the best insights, we will use different techniques such as face to face users interviews, online questionnaires and telephone interview.  Here are some of the tools Snatch Digital can use to get insights on your current customers: Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools / Moz. The technique chosen will depend on your business objectives. However, reliable insights are essential for a successful strategic plan and boost your sales.

Keyword research to attract the right customers

Snatch Digital is expert in carrying out reliable Keyword analysis for your industry, regarding your target audience. We will study in-depth your customers lifestyle and use powerful tools to discover how they would search about your industry on Google Search.

From there, we will build a list of keywords (approx. 100). This research will be the basis for building your strategy.

Why Snatch Digital?

At Snatch Digital, we have 15 years combined of experience within the digital industry. We understand the market and its fast changes, using a unique approach and brainstorm with the team every week – making sure we get innovative ideas all the time.

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