Connect with your audience through a consistent and distinctive brand experience.

A strong, effective brand is essential to delivering a consistent customer experience and generating recognition. In an increasingly competitive commercial world, setting yourself apart from competitors can be the difference between a small, unrecognised business that ‘just gets by’ and a pioneering market leader.

Our branding experts will work together with you to help form an identity that’s reflective of your business. Whether you’re embarking on a major rebrand, establishing a completely new brand, designing a flyer or simply require some advice, our team will work quickly to ensure that your brand gives you the strongest representation possible.

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Branding Services.

Our experienced creative team stays up to date with industry best practices and current design trends, so we know exactly what works. Our Branding services typically include Brand Strategy, Rebranding and New Brand Development and Graphic Design.

Our brand strategists use extensive research methods, including interviews, focus groups and workshops to define your audience and what motivates them. We then create a brand framework, where we set positioning statements, marketing messages and unique propositions for your brand. This forms the basis on which further communications planning can be built on.

Our brand development service is driven by brand strategy and creates strong, appealing brands that achieve business objectives. Whether developing a new brand or revitalising an existing one, our team will assist you throughout the entire brand development process. We will work with you to understand what your brand represents and will help you form an overall identity and style guide suited to the digital world.

We take your brand strategy and bring it to life through our graphic design service. We provide you with updated visual assets that are simple, yet modern and effective. Our service covers every aspect of online and offline design, including illustration, print, interactive documents, infographics, logos, product packaging, brochures, eBooks and more.

Why choose Snatch Digital?

We understand the importance of creating effective, recognisable brands, and know what it takes. Unlike other agencies, who focus solely on creating graphics, our creative process involves getting to know your business, your audience and your competitors. This helps us create brands and visuals that not only reflect your business clearly, but resonate with your audience and make you stand out from competitors.

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