Web Development Made Easy Using Android Apps

Web development has never been simpler

If you’re low on budget, web development needn’t be a worry – jus download one (or all) of these android apps and set up your business’ website independently until you’re ready to branch out…


Understandably, these apps aren’t going to be anywhere near as good as getting an agency or specialist web developer’s help, but they’re a good start…


Websites are vital for any and every business.  Technology has opened up a whole new world of Internet that’s taking the entrepreneurial and business industries by storm. Having said that, technology has become relied upon by every industry, even our own personal “brands“.


The Play Store knows just how costly it can be (generally) for startups who don’t have much money to spend on website development can be. App developers have launched a few apps that plan to make the whole “creating a website for my business” thing easier.


These web applications (an app that uses a web browser as a client) enables basic-level-of-tech folk or even novice to create the most basic websites. Web applications make it easy for you to access analytics, email, online retail sale stats and so much more.


At risk of sounding biased, Snatch Digital provide specialist web design and development services, so if you feel like the following apps aren’t right for your business – you know what to do…

Here are our ‘Top 3 Web Development Android Apps’:

anWriter free HTML editor

Tipped as “one of the best Android web development apps”, ‘anWriter free HTML editor’ isn’t just the favoured choice for coding, but it also offers auto-completion support for HTML, CSS, Javascript, LaTeX etc. Also, the small fact that it supports modern technologies makes it all the more inviting!

  • Highlights Syntax for code languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, LaTeX, Python
  • Preview your web pages before publishing using the internal viewer
  • Upload or download files from or to the FTP server easily

Simple HTTP server

Simple HTTP server lives up to its name… It’s “simple” to use. The easy-to-use web server has a sleek interface that proves to be a favourite when sharing contents on your device.

  • Range header support for seeking video
  • Only support port 12345
  • No root access required
  • Support Digest Authentication for security

ES File Explorer File Manager

This is another free app that’s safe, simple, enabling users to manage their files efficiently and easily with ES File Explorer also known as ‘File Manager’. ES File Explorer File Manager also lets you manage your media (images, music, movies, document and app) for both local and networked use.

  • A powerful tool that brings desktop-grade features to your smart/mobile device
  • Has built-in ZIP and RAR support
  • Cloud storage that supports Dropbox, Box.net, Sugarsync, Google Drive etc
  • Functions as an FTP and WebDAV client
  • Syncs with your home or work PC, giving you full access to your files