Video marketing is commercially valuable

In case you didn’t know, Snatch Digital offers video marketing packages for your business. We’ve worked with the likes of NUS and Coldpress to produce some pretty nifty videos.


However, did you know that 99% of marketers relied on videos to strengthen their content marketing efforts in 2017? The reason for this is: ROI.


Brands like Coldpress and NUS would agree that video marketing provides a considerably solid return in investment.


Social media and the digital world enjoys video more than text when researching a product. This is why YouTube and business branded videos do so well.


In video marketing, success starts with high quality video production. Whether it’s a direct response video, a viral video, testimonial, product tutorial or corporate profile, a well produced video is vital to success. Our team has over 12 years’ combined experience making films and videos, so we understand what works. We will work with you to understand your requirements and will then produce a video that presents your business or product in its best light.


A story published by Brafton reveals that 84% of users have been enticed to buy a product after watching a brand video; with 91% clicking on explainer videos to find out more on products and/or services.


Snatch Digital believes that videos tell the story of your business. Videos allow your customers or service users to see what you can offer in action. It’s all well and good when you could read about it, but “pictures speak a thousand words”…


Technology is advancing at a fast pace, making way for the adoption of photo and videos across digital platforms. You don’t need to be an expert to see the success of video editing apps such as Snapchat and Vimeo…


Snatch Digital’s expert visual and design teams work closely with clients, understanding their requirements and objectives ready to create the best visual assets to (successfully and powerfully) convey their message.


We offer everything from scripting and planning video/photoshoots, to filming, editing and implementing them onto websites or marketing collateral.