The 10 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid On Instagram

No matter what one may think, Instagram is booming and more popular than ever. Being an Instagrammer is now a real occupation and 1.2 billion pictures are ‘liked’ per day on average. To be even more precise, Instagram now has 15x more engagement than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter, so If your business is not yet on Instagram, now is the time to join.


However, with an Instagram account comes great responsibility for posting good quality images and sharing your moments with followers. The last thing anyone wants is to scare away followers due to silly mistakes, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common mistakes made by businesses on Instagram:


1. Private Instagram Account

You may not lose any followers by having a private account, but it will have an impact on how many your business gains. This is because users won’t be able to see your company feed and therefore won’t know what content you are posting. For a business profile, it’s crucial to keep it public, whereas for an individual it’s a personal preference.

If company profile is private and you are unsure on how to change it, just go to ‘Edit your profile’ and scroll down until you see the option ‘Photos are private’. Just simply untick the box and you’ll find your profile doing much better regarding followers, likes and comments.


2. No Engagement with Followers

We cannot stress this enough to clients, engaging with your customers on any social media platform is a determining for them to decide whether or not you are still worth that follow, or even their business. Following a few customers back is great and won’t harm you, especially if you like their content. Remember to always reply to comments or direct messages, no matter what platform – especially for those with a new Instagram account. Of course, if you have an established account with a great number of followers you will not be able to reply to them all, but at least engaging directly with a portion would be quite reasonable.


3. No Hashtags

Hashtags are key to being found on Instagram. Failing to use them will mean your business is missing out on being discovered by like-minded people. There are many people out there who don’t believe in using more than a few hashtags, maybe on Twitter, but for sure not on Instagram. To even have a chance of being discovered it’s important to use as many relevant hashtags as possible. Additionally, if you think using too many may look spammy you can always get creative with displaying them and may find alternatives.


Tip: You cannot post more than 30 hashtags per post. Having around 10-20 hashtags is a great number to have.



4. No Profile Picture

This is another point that is relevant to all social media platforms, on Twitter no one wants to follow and egg and on Instagram the blank account will be ignored. Who would want to follow an account without a picture anyway? It makes it look fake, boring and quite unpleasant. It’s what people see when you comment and therefore should represent your account accurately.


5. Not Following Other Users

Engaging with other users, especially business profiles, is super helpful in gaining more followers and networking with people. By commenting on other users posts you give yourself free exposure, and trust us when we say you’ll at least gain one follower through this method. A little tip, don’t overdo it and spam all those different accounts now. Leaving appropriate comments is what matters here and making sure to engage with their caption or the content in their picture.

Additionally, you will want to make sure to have a higher follower to following number for credibility.

6. Low-Quality Images

Not everyone has a professional camera lying around at home or knows someone who can snap some professional standard images, but that doesn’t mean you cannot take decent quality images with your phone – Find 6 Tips here on how to create exceptional product images. By just making sure your images are in focus, not over or underexposed and look interesting you’re sure to gain a few lovely comments from your followers.

A profile that lacks interesting or good quality images will never stand out and perform well on Instagram. If however there is something you desperately want to share with your followers use Snapchat or Instagram Stories – Read here how you can use Instagram Stories for your business.

7. Spamming or Not Posting Enough

Posting too many images within too small a time frame will guarantee unfollows, just simply because it’s annoying and considered spammy. Posting multiple times a day is great, but leave some time in between or your posts or engagement will decrease  and your follower number will too.

8. Repeating Content

An exciting Instagram feed consists of regular updates of fresh, unique content. It’s okay to use similar looking images maybe two or three times with other pictures in between of course, but constantly posting the same stuff is lame and will bore your followers so much they will tick the unfollow button. To avoid boring content, mix your feed up with images from your dinner, add some quotes to it, maybe a few pet images and some customers ones. Rather not post a day, than post boring and dull content – quality over quantity.

Lastly, Kim Kardashian once said that she would never post more than 3 images of one event. A tip to remember from the queen of social media herself.

9. Be Excited, Joyful and Happy

People are sad, it happens and is human nature. However, when it comes to representing your business on a social media platform you may not want to share your personal problems. For some it works, I know many people who share everything with their followers and they love it. But for others, it may not work and it does all depend on the nature of your business.

Rosie Hardy, for example, is one of UK’s best photographers and she shares all her emotions with her followers, people love her for being so open. But We’ve also seen businesses be open and it has backfired massively, unfortunately for them. Before sharing anything very private, you may want to consider it again and rethink how this can affect your business.

Also, you always want to seem happy and approachable to your followers,no matter how stressful your day may always reply to them in a happy and polite manner.

10. Don’t be Overly Promotional

As a business, you will, of course, want to promote your brand or company on Instagram, but overdoing it may cause your follower number to drop. Therefore, it’s integral to think of creative ways of promoting your business which may not be so ‘in your face’. Look at other accounts and see how they do it, there is no harm in taking some inspiration from them.



If all of this is too confusing and you simply cannot find the time to remember so many steps, you can always hire a company like ours and we can guarantee to keep your followers engaged and help you gain more. Get in touch today to find out more.