Aimimage boosts conversion rates with an updated quotation system and fresh responsive design.


New and Improved

Flexible Quotation System

37% Increase in

Website Conversion Rates

10% Decrease in

Website Bounce Rate

Clean & Modern

Responsive Design


Aimimage has been providing comprehensive equipment hire services to the film and television industry for over 30 years, working with the likes of Sky, Disney, ITV and Channel 4.

Frustrated with the lack of functionality and the outdated and non-responsive design of their website, Aimimage approached Snatch Digital to design and develop a brand new website to replace their existing one. They required an aesthetically pleasing and bespoke website that showcased their equipment and services in the best way possible.

Aimimage needed functionality which allowed visitors to add equipment to a basket and submit a quote request on those items easily. They also wanted the website to be built on a platform that was not only future-proofed, but easy to manage and update internally.


WordPress CMS

It was imperative to Aimimage that they would be able to manage and update their new website internally. Bearing this in mind, the Snatch Digital team built the website on the highly reliable WordPress Content Management System (CMS), allowing Aimimage to easily add and remove content within their website.

We also provided the necessary training to ensure that the Aimimage team were confident in using the platform going forward.

Responsive Web Design

One of Aimimage’s biggest frustrations with their old website was how it displayed on smaller screens, such as those found on mobile phones.

Our team of designers and developers worked together to create a clean fully-responsive website that displayed well on mobile devices with small screens, as well as larger desktop screens and everything in between.

Quotation System

To complement the nature of their business, Aimimage required a quotation system on their new website to replace their outdated system.

Snatch Digital successfully implemented a robust and streamlined quotation system that enabled visitors to add items to a list and then submit that list via a simple web form. This form would then be received directly by the team at Aimimage, who were able to send a quote back to the customer directly from their website’s admin panel.

Macbook Quote


Aimimage now has an attractive, user-friendly website that displays well on all devices. Their team is able to remove and add new products and edit content from within the platform instantly, and the newly implemented quotation system has streamlined processes and improved customer satisfaction.

The website has been well received by team members and customers, and the stats back this up. Since launching, the website’s bounce rate has decreased by 15%, average time spent on the website has increased by 10% and conversion rates have increased by a massive 37%!

To learn more about how Snatch Digital can help you design a modern, user-friendly website that drives conversions, contact us or check out our web services page. You can download the Aimimage case study via the button below.

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