The Camden Studio gain visibility and engagement thanks to a new social media strategy


Engagement on 

Instagram: 98%

One of the London Film Studio

the most followed on Social Media

Followers increased x2

on every social media platform

The strategy helped

with the SEO process


The Camden Studio is offering first-class studio spaces for hire in London – for commercials, feature films or music videos. They are trusted by great professionals such as Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse, the producers of III Manors as well as well established brands such as Lego and Coca Cola.

When starting their SEO (read the case study here), we also decided to start a social media strategy to gain brand awareness and get more engagement from customers. Also, a good social media strategy is a great help for our SEO.




We established a date and a time to posts on different social media everyday in order to reach as many people as possible. When we started the social media strategy, our posts were reaching approximately 160 people. Over the months, we gained followers and The Camden Studio posts reach now more than 600 people on Facebook and 31K on Twitter.



Reach as many people as possible is good only if they engage with the content you create. We worked on creating original and relevant content to the industry events, which helped us engage 20% of our followers on Facebook, 40% on Twitter and 98% on Instagram.

We then tracked these keywords and optimised the camden studio pages and blog post for those ones.



Spending time looking for influencers to follow, engage with our followers and become a competitive brand in the industry has been our main challenge. When compared to their competitors, The Camden Studio is one of the london film studio the most followed on social media.




Publish our blog posts on social medias to increase our readers and engage people with the brand.


The Camden Studio won almost half of its followers since we started working with them. Their engagement rate increased by 60% and they are now visible on most of the social media platforms. The social media helped a lot accelerating the SEO process which as you can read on the case study here, is a real success.