The Camden Studio gain brand awareness and boost conversion rates thanks to a new digital strategy


Page optimisation

Overall Score: 76

57.3% Increase in

Website Traffic

22 Competitive Keywords are

ranking between the 1st and 5th page

Bounce rates 

Decreased by 15%


The Camden Studio is offering first-class studio spaces for hire in London – for commercials, feature films or music videos. They are trusted by great professionals such as Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse, the producers of III Manors as well as well established brands such as Lego and Coca Cola.

By having a lack of traffic on their website, and engagement from potential customers, they contacted Snatch Digital to optimise the SEO of their website.

We noticed that their current websites was taking a long time to load and was appearing below the competitors in the google search for any relevant keywords. There was few pieces of content, which could justify why people weren’t engaged with the company.




We started with a technical SEO Audit of the website and saw some errors on different pages. The main problem was the loading time. And  “A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions”.

We optimised the images, enabled compression, worked on eliminating render blocking javascript and css in above the fold content and prioritised visible content.  



Considering the low positioning of the Camden studio compared to their competitors, we established a keywords strategy to give their website a better ranking – we developed a list of the 100 keywords The Camden Studio should rank for in order of priority.

We then tracked these keywords and optimised the camden studio pages and blog post for those ones.



Looking at the lack of engagement of their customers, we offered to publish two blogs posts a month. A solution that would as well help in the ranking of their website and raise their brand awareness. 




To increase the external links of the website, we registered The Camden Studio on different directories, built relationships on social media and replaced all the broken links with useful content.


The Camden Studio has an optimised website helping attract new customers and create engagement. The traffic has increased of 57.3% with 84% coming from organic search – the Bounce rate has decreased by 15%.  The SEO Strategy is successful with 57 keywords out of 134 ranking between the 1st and 13rd place. Most of the keywords are highly competitive but 22 of them are ranking from the 1st to the 5th place. Thanks to the blog posts regarding the industry, customers engage with the brand.

To learn more about how Snatch Digital can help you create a sustainable seo strategy to gain brand awareness and boost conversion, contact us or check out our digital marketing services page.