SEO Case Study:
Aimimage as one of the main competitors in the industry thanks to a new digital strategy


Page optimisation

Overall Score: 72

86.9% Increase in


56 Keywords are ranking 

between the 1st and 2nd page

32.9% of

Returning visitors


Following the successful new design of the Aimimage website (read the case study here), starting working on a SEO strategy was the best option to ensure the good development of their brand awareness and optimise their conversion rate. Nowadays, the camera rental market is a competitive industry on the internet. Our challenge was to get Aimimage ahead of the competition on search engines and raise their internet visibility.




Once the website has been created, we worked with our developer to optimise the loading time of the pages. In fact, with more than 600 products it is essential to make sure customers can get the information they are looking for quickly.

To optimise the pages, we created a user-friendly content on each of the product description, which will guide the customers along their search as well as helping the products to rank above the competitors.



With a lot of competitivity in the industry, getting Aimimage to rank on the first page for their main keywords was a real challenge. We established a list of 100 keywords relative to their industry and their products. Our strategy has been to optimise the product’s description, which allowed us to target very specific keywords. We tracked the keyword progression on Moz.



We established a blog post strategy to improve their SEO, customer engagement as well as giving content for the Social Media strategy (see the case study here).  

Two blog posts a month have been published, regarding the industry events, new films and more technical subjects which was an opportunity to get returning visitors on the website.

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In order to increase the external links of the website, we registered The Camden Studio on different directories relative to their industry.


From September to November, the number of visitors a week increased by 86.9%. With 37.2% of returning visitors. Thanks to the SEO strategy, the visitors from organic search has increased by 32.9%.

16 of the keywords are now ranking between the 1st and the 3rd results in search engines.

56 of the total keywords are ranking on the first page, which make Aimimage become very competitive. The website search visibility went up by 1.48%.



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