How to Use Instagram Stories for your Business

Instagram recently launched a new feature and no doubt you’ve heard about it already. The new feature is called Instagram Stories and it can be very beneficial for business owners. In case you don’t already have the app, now is a good time to download it.

How it works

Instagram’s Stories doesn’t just share the name of Snapchat’s version, it also has many similar features. Instagram Stories allows you to post as many photos and videos as you wish in a day. Those stories will appear at the top of the Regular News Feed for your Followers in a chronological order and can be viewed by everyone on Instagram if your profile is public. Just like Snapchat Stories, they will get deleted after 24- hours, however Instagram Stories feature another little trick. You can decide which of your followers sees your stories, in case there is someone you don’t wish to see your story. Those stories also won’t appear in the usual feed and are therefore separate, which leaves oversharing in the past.


Users won’t be able to comment on the Stories like on Snapchat, but can send a message instead, there is however a limit on how many messages you can receive daily. Both apps have filters and let users personalise their images through emojis, text and stickers. As it seems, Instagram has copied a lot of Snapchat’s features, to which Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom admitted: “They deserve all the credit,” but insisted “This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”


How it Benefits Businesses

Instagram is a very useful tool for businesses, it’s not only free but also allows them to advertise their products and enables customers a glimpse into their everyday life. Some however post a fair amount daily which can seem irritating to followers, so by using Instagram Stories the amount of daily posts can be reduced. It however opens up another question, what images are more important to permanently post on the feed rather than temporarily on the Story? “Small businesses often tend to have fewer resources and on the ground efforts for social, so finding the balance between Stories and more permanent posts will be critical,” said Andrew Caravella, VP of marketing at Sprout Social. “The main focus should continue to be on cultivating community through engagement and ongoing dialogue.”

By adding stories to Instagram users won’t have to learn a new app, as many people have described Snapchat as confusing and hard to understand. But by having them all in one they can be part of this exciting, new trend. For a brand/company that is new on Instagram, they can use Stories to communicate with their followers and test what they find interesting and want to see more off, which will help them adapt faster.

There are endless more possibilities for companies now that Instagram has added the Stories feature. It’s not only convenient to have it all in one app but it will also help businesses to show another side of their company. Instagram Stories can be used informally and can add a personal touch to a company account, whilst helping build stronger relationships with followers and through that attracting new ones.


Why it’s already liked more than Snapchat

Snapchat reported that approximately 150 million users are active daily, which is an extraordinary number. Nonetheless of that, Instagram has more than 300 million users daily, which is double the amount. One brand who saw the biggest difference between Snapchat and Instagram was Nike; their first Instagram Story had 800,000 views, whereas their most viewed Snapchat Story only had 66,000 views.

Instagram has also been around longer, which means that more users are familiar with the app in comparison to Snapchat. It also allows businesses to show a different perspective of their company/brand through Instagram Stories without having to switch between apps and getting people to sign up to another platform. But this is not the end for Snapchat just yet, many users have actually used their Instagram Story to promote their Snapchat account.

What we think of Instagram Stories

Instagram is a community and one of the only places where it’s okay to talk to strangers on the internet, but now with Stories we can see another part of their lives and see a different side of them. Of course they basically stole the idea from Snapchat, but they made it better. It’s much less complicated and Instagram is considered the more popular app. For updates and more information on social media happenings, stay tuned and if you would like to talk to one our team about your social media presence contact us.