Bring ‘Google Home’

Last week, Google announced its plans to bring ‘Google Home’ to the UK on April 6th. This is all part of its plan to echo its rival Amazon’s very own smart home device: Amazon Echo.


Although it’s been available in the US since November of last year, it’s only just being unveiled to us British folk from this week.


Google Home is the first of all smart home devices to feature Google Assistant – a voice-controlled digital assistant running directly on smart devices, providing assistance based on its surrounding area.


It connects to the Internet, enabling you to play music, control smart home gadgets and answer your most burning questions via OK Google or Google Search. Another unique feature of Google Home is that it delivers personalised information from the Google services we use on a daily basis.


Let’s discuss its design – shall we? It’s very compact and lightweight, much shorter than Amazon Echo. It’s mobile and allows you to easily transfer it from one room to another.


Google Home only has one button, predominantly for turning the microphone on or off. Once pressed, you’ll be greeted by OK Google aka Google Assistant.


Its top surface is completely touch-sensitive. So, you can control anything from your music playlist to your smart TV. If you want to turn the volume up and down, just swipe it clock or ant-clockwise in a circular motion.


That’s not all, you can press the button for a longer-than-usual length of time to activate the microphone!


Key Features:

  • Voice activation
  • Built-in speaker
  • Smart home control
  • Google Assistant enabled
  • Content from third-party services


Tech critics in the US said nothing but good things about it… TechRadar described Google Assistant in particular as being “the best roommate you’ll ever have”.


Want one? John Lewis stock them for £139 RRP. Bring it Home. Sorry, not sorry.