6 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

The average American consumers spend on Mother’s Day roughly $168.94/£159.41.

Mother’s Day is coming up, to be exact on the 26th of March. It’s not only a day to tell your mum you love her, but it’s also a great marketing opportunity for your business. So if you haven’t planned your promotion yet, it’s time to come up with something. Here are our 7 marketing tips that will help you make the most out of Mother’s Day:

1. Social Media Campaign

Everything and everyone uses social media these days to promote their business. Create a campaign that is all about mothers; ask your followers to share their favourite moments, photos or maybe even the best advice they have received from their mum.

Depending on your following number it can be beneficial to use a special hashtag specifically created for the event. However, these work best if you have a larger and a more engaged following.


2. Mother’s Day Deals 

Mother’s Day is only 3 weeks away, so you will have to come up with a campaign pretty fast. So why not promote different products every day, the week before Mother’s Day? Or perhaps offer certain products/ services for a special price during the week leading up to Mother’s Day? Remember, people love a bargain and offering a special discount to your followers will make them feel special and they are more likely to return again.


3. Giveaway/Competition

Competitions and Giveaways are fun, they can also lead to a lot of engagement on social media.

Make sure to include a price that is focused on just the MUM. Whether it’s a spa day, a pamper basket or a photo shoot with a makeover. Mother’s Day is their day, so the price should be tailored accordingly.


4. Gift Guide

Every year the same problem: ‘What to get your mum?’. So why not help those in need of an amazing present and create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Assisting shoppers in the right direction can help you make sells and also have satisfied customers. Remember to adjust the gift guide to your services or products, to make it relevant to your business.


5. Charity Work

Use Mother’s Day to do good this year. Donate money, organise a charity event or do some charity work.

There are so many homeless shelters who need help, so take everyone out for a little bit of charity work and encourage other business to do so via social media. It’s not only a good PR strategy but helping others is always a win.


6. Gift Cards

People love gift cards. They can save any last minute present disaster and make any mother happy too. Remind your customers that you also offer gift cards or maybe even run a promotion.

But remember gift cards are always loved, so promote them away on social media.



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